Pioneers in Virtual Advertising and Virtual Product Integration

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Virtual Product Integration

  • Insert your Brand or Product into a TV Show or Video Stream at any point in production - even after the content has been produced.
  • Control the exposure of your brand: including duration of exposure, product positioning, scene context and label orientation.
  • Allows you to target and monetize your content with different advertisers for different territories or different flights.
  • We can insert your Brand or Product in real-time into Live shows or Pre-recorded content. We can even insert products and brands into archival footage.
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Virtual Advertising

  • Create new revenue streams by accessing and monetizing previously unused or unreachable inventory.
  • Target and monetize your content with different advertisers for different territories or broadcast regions.
  • Virtual Advertising is Innovative and provides High-Impact & High-Recall Advertising.
  • Zap-free DVR-proof: By having your brand inserted in-program you will reach the full audience of your programming.
  • New Creative Opportunities: Insert your brand in new locations and in new creative ways that allow you to break through the clutter of traditional advertising.
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Pioneers in
Virtual Advertising
and Product Placement

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We are pioneers in the world of Virtual Advertising and Virtual Product Placement, creating and leading the industry at each step of the way - for the past 18 years. Ranging from establishing the very first commercially successful Virtual Advertising venture in the world 15 years ago, to producing and operating Virtual Ads around the world for some of the biggest television broadcasters and Fortune 500 brands around the world continuously over the years.

Our almost 20 years of experience leading the industry of Virtual Advertising and Product Placement give us unique expertise in all areas related to Virtual Advertising, including sales, technology development, operation and full service solutions. We are uniquely suited to create seamless yet impactful market appropriate placements which deliver the maximum exposure and value for your brands or media properties.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your brands (advertisers) or broadcast properties (rights-holders).


What is Digital Product (or Brand) Integration?

Digital Product (or Brand) Integration is the insertion of a brand or product into a television show or movie segment using computer technology to embed the image seamlessly into the content. It is also referred to as Virtual Advertising or Digital Product Placement.

Digital Product and Brand Integration breaks open a new range of possibilities for both advertisers and broadcasters, providing the opportunity to insert a brand in valuable content, in-program, unobtrusive yet guaranteed to be seen by the viewer. It provides new ways of exposure for advertisers and unleashes previously non-existent revenue opportunities.

What are some of the benefits of Digital Product Integration for Producers, Rights Holders and Broadcasters?
  • Create new inventory
  • Retain clean masters (which can later be branded and monetized)
  • Control brand exposure in your properties as they grow in time (syndication)
  • Target different markets with different advertisers or products
  • Close sales and integrate advertisers at any moment in production cycle up to a few weeks before air date


Brand Brigade is based
in New York City.